Working at NEAR

NEAR's mission is to give the power of programming to everyone.

We are building a service that enables creating feature-rich mobile apps without writing a single line of code, by hand drawing a sketch of the interface, and explaining the functionality with natural language. The rest is handled by NEAR's proprietary technology.

Software Engineer

We are looking for a software engineer who will be responsible for bringing no coding world into user’s hands. This involves touching various layers of the stack: from building backend infra/services, to developing specific algorithms and improving ML models, to designing the end-user UX that help solve real world use cases.

The candidate must have:

  • full stack development experience (setting up Cloud infrastructure, building API / Services, developing frontend)
  • proficient in Python, with experience using Tornado or Flask
  • knowledge of Javascript ES6 and React

Knowledge of machine learning or data science is very welcomed and will be directly applied.

The benefits of working for NEAR:

  • Early stage company, with a lot of freedom to create and room for growth.
  • An all-star multi-disciplinary tech team. We have major TensorFlow contributors, ICPC gold medalists, and several people with over 10 years of engineering experience.
  • All standard things: free lunches, health/dental/vision.